Thursday, February 13, 2020

240 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

240 - Essay Example George needed his son to aid him construct a new house during the summer. However, due to their strained relationship, Sam makes it his mission not to aid his father with the house’s construction George presents himself badly to his neighbours. For instance, during the first scenes, George is shown peeing into the ocean. Subsequently Alyssa and her mom Coleen see him naked. Consequently, Coleen gets mad or angry and goes to inform him that she (Coleen) does not like it when George pees in front of her daughter. Sam had an inadequate or wanting self-concept and identity. However, George considered himself to be an architectural models fabricator who is excellent at his work. Initially, George and Sam present themselves to other people poorly. Sam for instance is a drug addict who tries to be a male prostitute. This image portrays them negatively to other people. In the movie life house, George, Sam, peter and robin had poor communication skills. As such, they communicated poorly with one another. Undoubtedly, good communication is an essential element for any relationship to be successful. Poor communication led to George and robin breaking up. Additionally, the same element of poor communication led peter and robin to grow apart while Sam despised them all. Therefore, the barriers to communication between George and his Sam were many. First, distance acted as the primary barrier to effective communication. Sam and his father George were separated and lived in different areas. For instance, Sam lived with his mother and stepfather while his father lived alone. Distance made them to communicate or interact less often. Secondly, attitudinal barriers prevented Sam form interacting with his father. Attitudinal barriers are as a result of the receiver of the message letting his or her attitude get in the way of the message (Bolton 2009). Attitud inal barriers can also be simply explained as an unwillingness to communicate. For instance, Sam

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